Pressure Washing in London

About Jet Cleaners in London

At Jet Cleaners we pride ourselves in being the first pressure cleaning choice for both domestic and commercial property owners in London. We are priced by our customers for the prompt and honest attitude. As one of the most experienced jet cleaning companies on London’s market we have invested both in the latest pressure washing technology and in our jet cleaning experts. We carefully choose our staff amongst the best in the industry and make sure each one of the jet cleaners is fully insured and vetted and well trained. Thus we assure our loyal customers that the jet cleaning service will be the highest quality in the capital. Besides pristine results what gets us in front of the competition are our unbeatable prices.

Jet Cleaners guarantees our London customer satisfaction, because we strictly follow our ethical code and jet cleaning process. To learn more about the process visit our how we work page.

Read on our reviews page to get a real, honest reassurance from our latest customers, that you are making the right choice!

What is Jet Cleaning good for?

For situations where you need serious cleaning work – stains, graffiti and ingrained dirt that other cleaning methods won’t shift. Our skills can also be applied to vehicles, sports hall interiors, car parks, fast food restaurants, refuse collection areas, and a hundred other situations!

Jet Cleaners’ pressure washing services include, but are not limited to:

Re-sanding of paving – a services providing you with the means to get your warn off paving look like new again and avoid expensive repairs work in the future.

Tarmac Restoration – a similar service including tarmac cleaning and repairs for the same great results – a to-be-proud-of look for your tarmac and savings on future repairs work.

Fence Maintenance – including fence cleaning and restoration this service will give back to your property the look it deserves – one to make your neighbours jealous about.

Facade Cleaning – the brilliant inside of your property goes hand in hand with a perfect outside.

Exterior Building Cleaning – a service especially suitable for commercial properties to attain that pristine look customers are looking for.

Gutter Cleaning – make sure your gutters are freed of dirt and ready for all that rain Londoners endure.

Window Cleaning – a service offering professional window cleaning equipment, not just a sponge and a bucket.

Stone and Concrete Cleaning – a jet cleaning service to ensure the stone and concrete surfaces of your property are immaculate.

Brickwork Cleaning – another jet cleaning service designed especially for all the traditional London properties.

Decking and Wood Cleaning – the expert jet cleaners will provide you with this quality service to ensure great outlook and durability of your deck and wood surfaces.

Patio Cleaning – getting back your patio to perfect condition may be hard to you but is a simple task to the top of the range equipment we use.

Driveway Cleaning – our high-end jet cleaning equipment will get your driveway in excellent condition in no time.

Garden Furniture Treatment – don’t let the weather conditions destroy your garden furniture appearance!

Garden Maintenance – all the well cleaned outside surfaces of your home now call for a well maintained garden, that we can provide you with.

Garden Design – Jet Cleaners is at your disposal for even the wildest garden design ideas.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning – all of the jet cleaning services mentioned above are available for small and large commercial properties .

Jet Cleaners’ London services are performed exclusively with professional equipment for long lasting results – take advantage now!

How to Book our Extraordinarily Jet Cleaning in London?

You can call us now – on 020 3404 4213. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they’re always kept fully staffed. Our customer care team is always standing by to advise and assist you in making your booking or resolving any jet cleaning queries, and can also be reached through our online chat support feature on this website! Request a free, no-obligation quote on jet cleaning in London at any time. Alternatively, use our online booking form to request a quote on jet cleaning in London – or any of our expert services – and you’ll be able to get an instant response.